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Above is the link to purchase jersey bottoms for both boys and girls. Tops will be provided to all players except scoopers. https://lacrossebeach.itemorder.com/shop/sale/

Please note, this is not the same company as last year so please use the sizing chart as a guide. I measure where my kids actually where their shorts to choose the size for them, if that helps. We will most likely use the same jerseys next year as well.

This is not mandatory, you can also wear black bottoms, however, we will *not carry inventory at the shed* this year for bottoms due to an excessive amount left over each year. We do still have some from years past, just not sure if the blue color is the same if you choose to purchase those.

Tips for new girl players- traditionally girls wear the kilts but more are starting to move towards shorts, especially the younger girls. This is also a good option for goalies. Kilts will go over leggings or shorts for the girls and come with a drawstring, so keep this in mind when choosing a size. I measure my daughter’s waist for the kilt because she tends to west that higher and where she actually wears her shorts for that sizing.


Hope that helps. Please reach out if you have any questions. GO BEACH!!